Alright, I gotta ask

What’s up with all you people and your email addresses? Didn’t Yahoo go out of business with Earthlink in 1998? Is that why you were so tolerant of the 15 year out of date format of the old board? Were you all the guys who were like, “You only dance with the one who brought ya…” at the prom? Do you still have some of those AOL disks floating around your house?

I’m kidding of course, but I am surprised at the volume of Yahoo folks we had out there. I would have guessed less than 5%, I swear it is about half of you.

I should note this because I get a bounceback when you register and then I have to go and manually activate you.

I swear last time we were hiring 7 months ago we got a resume with an Earthlink address. Pretty sure we shitcanned it.

And I thought my Hotmail email account was old. My wife was using a yahoo account about a year ago but so many places wouldn’t accept it because they assumed it to be a fake email so she recently upgraded to a Gmail account

To be honest, I only that yahoo account to sign up to random sites that don’t have my credit card info. It’s where all the junk email goes to. I only use my real email address for family and on my resume.


I use GMX out of Germany because I don’t trust the US free market and I like their cloud storage, but my wife still has yahoo I set her up with 15 years ago. I commented to my BIL about my wife’s old yahoo and he said. Hey your sister still uses AOL so there LOL

Google sucks-- “Don’t do evil” my ass

Yahoo isn’t useless though they hold some major shares in China, and they do some interesting research in sociology.

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Google made their “don’t be evil” motto on opposite day. But their stock is good. Thanks, lemmings. :wink:

Hey, I had to get a Yahoo email back in the day when I was a board moderator for the Jim Rome blog (mid to late 90’s).

I didn’t need all of the clones choking off my real email addresses.

The rest of y’all who got those are probably still rocking brick phones.

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I think unfortunately it may say something about the demographic of most of the posters. raises hand cuz he still has an alternate yahoo account as well as gmail It would be interesting to take a poll of the age of users of this site. My guess is the fat part of the bell curve is situated in the 35 to 65 yr old age range. I would set up a poll if I had time to figure out how.

Most of the kids these days seem to be in the tweater, snapface, wattsapp, instaporn social media world…or just plain texting. How do you attract new and younger participants?

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Been interesting how some of the email/internet providers that previously had a huge share of the market (aol, yahoo, compuserve, etc) have faded away while others have grown in their place in a relatively short period of time.

I meanwhile am rather oldschool, and haven’t used products such as twitter or instagram (not sure I spelled that right) at all. But I have learned how to send text (and even send pictures/videos).

That fat comment sounds like a personal attack, sir. Though I suspect you are correct. Message boards in general are old school. I saw a huge exodus from another community I was a part of a few years ago as Facebook rose and groups there took over. It was just easier to be all on one platform for social media needs. I, on the other hand, have stayed in touch here, have a separate instagram account for car stuff, and FB just for family and friends. I like it compartmentalized that way though.

With regard to attracting younger, I don’t know what the answer is, other than publicizing the site somehow at games, or perhaps using social media as a gateway - there is a small presence, but it ultimately directs here.


I came here to say the same think lol

I hope everyone here knows I’m teasing about the addresses. I actually maintain a address for sites I don’t want to get spammed with. However, for all of you who have services that are blocking the emails, see this post about whitelisting - it’ll become important if you ever need to retrieve a password, etc.

“Juno and Netzero was just not cutting it for me anymore so I stepped up to Yahoo Mail.” - 1998 Me

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I didn’t use yahoo for this board, but I do run a group on Yahoo Groups (not sports related). Its coming up on its 20th anniversary and still rolling. Actually I started it on another system (eGroups) that was bought-out by Yahoo. So reports of Yahoo’s death are greatly exaggerated. Of course to stay up with the times it also has a companion website outside of Yahoo and a Facebook page.

Yeah, this board was in its hey day about the time that Yahoo was in its hey day, so figures.

All hail Stucknut

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It was forever ago…like three, four lifetimes…