All PAC-12 honors start rolling in

I don’t follow fantasy football, but this site seems legit, and 10 of their 22 first-team selections are Utes.

And the unspoken stat when it comes to our defense is things like the reason Pensini did so amazingly well is because Anae was getting double teamed all year, or the reason Jaylon Johnson’s numbers weren’t better is because a either his guy was covered like a blanket by Johnson or the QB was smart to avoid him all together. How many star receivers had their worst night of the season against him. I don’t need to look it up and guess… all of them.

Same for Blackmon, etc. oh and how many games did we hold the opponent to double digits in rushing?

I could go on, but this regular season was special on defense.

Congrats to everyone - and as the article mentioned, I won’t be surprised if Huntley declares for the draft. :wink:


I have to wonder where Huntley would be in mock drafts if he were an inch or two taller. Some team will get a late round (or maybe even undrafted free agent) prize.

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Crack research team there, “PFF” - aside from the Huntley early declaration for the draft, wtf does this sentence even mean?

Blockquote While he didn’t set the record, he did break the previous record

I didn’t get past that.


It’s simple. There is a current record that was set by beating the previous record. Meaning he bested the mark of the previous record holder but not the current record holder,this means he’s now second on that list.