All-American game - 2 future Utes

Xavier Carlton and Van Fillinger both playing defense for the West.

Also, Oregon bound Noah Sewell from Orem High

That QB is pretty special on the West team

Stroud or Young? I assume Young since he’s Bama bound.

I’m just glad he didn’t go to USC but is ready to ride the bench behind Taulia for three years?

You basically said what is on one of the Alabama recruiting mailers to elite players


Haha, popular opinion. Is there any truth to this? Not the mailer but the belief?

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No way. Bryce is a better QB. Honestly, Word is Tua is announcing his return Monday but I would advise he take the Dolphins cash. That said, if he comes back I wouldn’t be shocked Bryce RS and starts as a RS Freshman.

I wouldn’t either but that was not what I was asking. How many five star kids have gone to Alabama and sat on the bench for three years to go undrafted? I would think if you’re NFL good you’re going to see the field no matter who is around you

We tend to play young guys early. Many are on special teams and certain coverages but usually 5 to 8 start each year at some point. Honestly, the competition level is a big recruiting factor and the 28 first round picks over the past ten years helps.

I credit this to Saban because we didn’t play many Freshman before him and only had 3 first round picks the 15 years prior to his arrival. A time period we went on probation for paying players. Just weird.

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Bryce young is listed at 5’11” and 183 lbs. No way is he ready to start (and last) his freshman year. He’s about the same size as Tate Martell who was highly touted out of Bishop Gorman and went to Ohio State. He then transferred this last year to to Miami where he ended up 3rd string behind some bad 4* rated QBs. There aren’t many 5’11” QBs who turn into Russell Wilson or Drew Brees.

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You mean he’s the actual size of Tua? Also, I said he would start his RS Freshman year. That’s a full year and a half into the program as an early enroll.

Not to mention Mac Jones and Baby Tua are already waiting in the wings. And Paul Tyson is the 4* overlooked kid just waiting to get his chance. Taulia is the same height but about 30 pounds bigger, plus a legacy kid.

I will be interesting to see if Tyson and Young stick around.

It’s going to be interesting. It’s a problem but one of those good problems. I think Bryce is built for the RPO system we run.