Alex smith cleared for return to NFL


That is amazing. He’s lucky to have a leg, maybe even his life. Could be the comeback story of our time.


Love to see it. Hes a smart guy.
How many years does he anticipate playing though?

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Who knows. I admire his tenacity but I’m not sure this is the wisest decision he’s ever made. Who knows if he’ll even get playing time.

good for him. Frankly I’d still be floored if he actually returns but still, an amazing recovery.

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Thinking more on this, and remembered back to when Mike Nolan accused Smith of being soft. So crazy in hindsight. Between the crap he had to endure from the 49ers organization and the fans, to coming back from this life-threatening injury, he’s quite possibly the mentally toughest man in the league.


I really hope this is about Alex wanting to go out on his own terms. Zero question about his willingness to sacrifice.

Now get into coaching or analysis. Come work with Ludwig.

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Not sure what his aspirations are, i.e., is it just to prove to himself that he can come back? Or is it to play? If the latter, then he should be the guy for Washington… he would give them their best chance to win.

I wouldn’t do it either, but obviously it’s nobody’s call but Alex’s.

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If he wants to do it, I would love to see Alex talking football on a game day show or become a color analyst on a football network. If you could put him, Hans Olsen, and a solid play by play guy in a booth together, it would be good TV.

Going back to playing the game (and actually getting to do it) would be quite a move. Risky as hell, but quite a move.

Transitioning to coaching might be a solid move. God knows he has the smarts for it.

Going to the booth might be a solid long term move. Explaining the game to the TV audience from an “under the helmet” lens would be great entertainment. He certainly has the skill set to do it.

Regardless, always best wishes in whatever he chooses to do.


Even if he doesn’t play a single down, he should win comeback player of the year. Amazing.

I voted for him in the last presidential election. I may vote for him again, depending on whether or not my state is a battleground.

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