After a couple of days to think about it

…I will come in first with a captain obvious statement. Obviously, Utah could have won that game. In close contests lilke that, you could point to dozens of plays that if they had gone different, I am congratulating you on your victory today. Honestly, I am surprised we played as well as we did, considering. It was good to play this one at home, I suppose.

Your QB, RB, OL and TE’s are totally legit. Wow. You pushed UF’s defensive line around in the second half. They were totally gassed, and that is the lack of quality depth I spoke of earlier. Napier seems to be addressing that situation in recruiting, but this is going to take a while to get up to speed.

I try not to get too excited over the results of week one, as who knows what will happen. Never get to high or to low. We could crap the bed against Kentucky this Saturday. So I revise my Florida prediction for September to 2-2 at worst, but most likely 3-1. Not bad for Napier’s first month.

Your team is first rate, as is your school and over all athletic department. It was an honor to play you.

If you don’t mind, I might hang out a bit during the season. love the music board btw. awesome stuff.


Stick around - seems like a lot of fans from different schools make this site part of their rotation. Always glad for other perspectives. Glad you’ve come back.