About time - Chad Daybell Arrested

I doubt we’ll ever find out what happened to those two kids, and frankly, I’m not sure I want to know :frowning:

with the last known pictures of the kids in Yellowstone, your mind can go to some dark places.

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I’ve heard from reliable sources that the Daybells were into some incredibly weird stuff - ie zombie hunting, immortality and who knows what else (no I’m not kidding) and somehow couched in LDS doctrine. When the story comes out fully it’ll be next level weirdness like we’ve never seen. Full on crazy.


Yup, unfortunately, I think you’ve read my mind…

Yeah. I read that Lori Vallow was convinced that she had been sealed to a book of mormon prophet. They also believe in something they called multiple probations, which is just a pseudo mormon term for reincarnation I think. Really crazy stuff.


The reporter above, Rosie Nguyen, says on her Twitter that it’s confirmed that the remains they found today were the missing kids.

Tragic but not unexpected for those kids. Probably 3 other deaths to tack onto all of this too. Insanity.

Rumor I’ve heard is that Daybell tried to hire a company to put down an RV concrete pad in an unusual spot in his yard. He was insistent on a very specific location that wasn’t a very good spot for an RV pad and so the company found it suspicious and reported it to authorities. That may have been why they went on the property and dug in a very specific spot.

Meanwhile, Rexburg Mayor accidentally confirms it is the kids - wait for it at the end:

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“oh…” shrugs



Qualifications to be the Mayor of Rexburg

  1. must own at least 3 seasons of the comedy show Hee Haw preferably on VHS, but will also accept laser disc
  2. must own at least 4 pairs of overalls
  3. you weekend in Utah County when you want to unwind
  4. you refer to BYU-Idaho as the Stanford of the North

I’ll be remembering Chad Daybell’s name next time BYU-Provo fans want to play the criminal alumni game