A travesty

Costco toilet paper now has only 380 sheets per roll. Just recently they had 425 sheets per roll. That’s a 10.6% reduction gentlemen! We can not and will not stand for this. I blame the socialist democrats.


It’s a conspiracy!
By @RockerUte and the bidet cabal


Best laugh I’ve had this week, thanks :slight_smile:

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They needed the paper for ballots in Arizona. :wink:


Every once in a while I find myself away from that refreshing cleanse and I’m stuck using regular old TP. EVERY TIME I realize I’m walking among cavemen. Seriously it is the worst.

Think of it… you’re in the park for a nice picnic. You realize you left something in the car so you put your hand down to get up and put it right in a fresh dog pile that gooshes between your fingers. Would you just grab some thin paper and wipe it off the best you can (while not looking at it)… or would you actually wash your hands.

Why are your bum cheeks different? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Cavemen.

I guess I’m afraid of becoming addicted…

There is no end to their perfidy.

TP for cleansing is so last century. The Japanese magic toilet is what civilized, cultured people use in this modern age. :wink:


You must be pretty damn flexible to be able to get your bum cheeks anywhere near your face.