A Sad Day. And a Happy One

18 seasons ago we knew no one. The utefans.net community took us under your wing. We were so honored to sit next to the Pirate Ship for so many years.

Today, Cris and I are letting you know that we sold the Shasta to John & Lynne Theiling, aka the old KTownUte, While I’ll not lie, a bit of a tear has welled up, it was time. In fact, it was past time. Last year setting up the trailer was overly physically taxing on both of us. And it hit the point where it wasn’t fun anymore.

This is not goodbye, it is just that we’ll now (as a friend said), ride the cruise ship, not drive it. Our thank you to everyone that helped us raise Lindsey from a 13-year-ol to a 30-year-old soon to be mom. We raised her, you raised her. We thank you for that.

We love you, all of you. We thank you for allowing us to be part of your family. We promise to continue to be part of the Shasta Crew Tailgate. As Jerry Garcia said, “What a strange and wonderful ride it has been.”