A reminder of how well we are doing

Our football attendance is really remarkable, something we could easily take for granted.

If we start seeing a decline, it will be because we got too cute with the pricing of tickets. Add to it the fact you can watch the games on TV now without a lot of issues, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a decline in attendance.


Yep. Right now I get the feeling that “they” feel they can just raise prices whenever they want. I know lots of folks who are on the precipice of not renewing because of the price.


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I think prices are just one of many reasons that attendance is dropping.

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High ticket prices have hurt fan interest in the NBA and NFL. They’ll hurt college football too. That’s why every study the U. comissioned told them not to increase RES capacity beyond 50-51,000.

The stadiums are appealing to scenesters and drunk frat boys, not football fans. Blasting Sweet Caroline and Don’t Stop Believing is usually the point I go pee, even if I don’t have to.

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I agree that it can get old. But this past season for some reason I really enjoyed the festive atmosphere at the games.

That said, one fact that football programs everywhere have to deal with is that for most people it really is easier to know what’s going on in the game if you’re watching on television. Someone with a truly sophisticated football mind, which most fans (including me) don’t have, can appreciate the game better by being there in person because they can watch everything that’s going on. But most people aren’t like that.

I’ll admit, I usually go home and watch the game again just to see what I missed. I’m only a year or two away from being “that guy” with headphones on in the stadium


I had to sell a few of my games this season to justify the expense to my wife. If they keep tooling with the prices, I will be one of the people in that boat of not being able to attend.

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