A nice write up on Julian Blackmon

That’s nice, I hope he can avoid the massive screw ups he encountered while at Utah.



Sorry, that was super negative. He was a great player for us, and I am happy for him. He is a great player.

I just can’t help but remember the multitude of times he seemingly forgot how to play football at the worst possible moments.

Try watching a game from 1989. Our secondary has been outstanding for a long time, that’s why the few screwups stand out. Do UCLA fans remember specific screwups from their secondary? No, because they give up big plays almost every drive.

Here take two of these, for some perspective:

Oh, believe me, I get it. He was really really good for us, that’s why the WTF was that moments stick out so much.

I talked with Blackmon & Burgess at the Fanfest in Aug '19.

I knew we would be in good hands, didn’t realize they’d both get drafted and be contributors right away.

Now I’m really interested to see how the new guys step up! We’ve got a lot of talent - who will emerge?


Isn’t every player from last year’s secondary with an NFL team right now?

It seems like any mistake in the secondary is under a microscope, especially with the talent of the WRs in the PAC, but overall Blackmon had an incredible career at Utah.


Seems like Clark Phillips III and Vonte Davis are certain to start. I would think Ben Renfro will be in there, and RJ Hubert. After that I have no idea.

FS - RJ Hubert
SS - Ben Renfro
CB - Vonte Davis
CB - Clark Phillips III
CB - Bronson Boyd

FS - Kamo’i Latu
SS - Dakota Hansen
CB - JaTravis Broughton
CB - LaCarea Pleasant-Johnson
CB - Drew Rawls