A look at Jake Bentley

A snip from Chris Kamrani in The Athletic:

This one’s pretty obvious. Utah’s senior grad transfer quarterback is in town now. His Instagram story showcased the 2,000-plus mile drive west to his new home in Salt Lake City last week. The assumed new QB1 is here. His one remaining year of eligibility could be the defining swing factor in how Utah fares in 2020. Utah’s defense returns just two starters from the nationally renowned group. The offense has to replace Huntley, Moss, left tackle Darrin Paulo and receiver Demari Simpkins.

Otherwise, everyone else is back on offense. Including All-Pac-12 standout Britain Covey, who used the remainder of 2019 to redshirt and heal his surgically-repaired knee, after playing in Utah’s first four games of the year. Offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig is known for not being hitched to a devoted style. He adapts, as good coordinators do, to what he has at his disposal each year.

In 2020, he’ll have a strong-armed senior quarterback with 33 career starts in the SEC, a rotating cast of running backs, four returning offensive linemen and several wide receivers and tight ends with extensive experience. As mentioned in the first portion of the end-of-year analysis posted last week, Utah’s offense could very well be asked to carry the load, in a sense, in 2020. Utah’s defense might be as green as ever, so having a quarterback with experience and arm of Bentley’s might go a long way in doing so.

Hope springs eternal.


I still want to see what Bad Moon can do. Bentley has thrown a lot of picks.

I have confidence in the coaches’ ability to
make the decision. (What choice do we have?) My guess is that Bentley’s experience gives him a leg up, but I thought the same about Troy Williams and Huntley beat him out.

In the back of my mind is the worry that neither of these guys earned (or kept) the starting job at their prior school. Unfair of me, yes; but it’s there.