A little glitch in the matrix

We had some hardware issues and so I had to do an emergency migration and we may have lost 30-45 minutes worth of posts. My apologies on that - its a first I’ve had with Amazon Web Services of faulty hardware, which is interesting.

Anyway, took a moment to upgrade a couple of things too while we were migrating, but if you are wondering where your amazing thesis went to - it is now among the stars. Sorry.

Thanks Rocker!
We all appreciate all the love and hard work you’ve put into the site

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I had just finished Chapter 1 of my novel. I probably should have written it in Word instead of here.


Was it left or right leaning, because I just want to know who to blame for the conspiracy behind it.

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damnit, I noticed a post from Greg Hughes about those missing Huntsman Center keys that I was going to read later.

This year is getting worse and worse.

Four poker buddies knocking over a casino. The perfect crime.

rocker earlier today

I’ll just say this, while this is a first for me on AWS to have hardware go bad (or threaten to) had this been with Xmission (where UFN used to be hosted) or something it would have been disaster - switching to a new server was a breeze.


Rich Embeds of Twitter are working once again - huzzah! If you’ve previously posted a twitter link and it didn’t pull in the content, simply edit the post, repaste in the link and it will appear. Otherwise should be working going forward.

Site will be down about 10 minutes - need to do a quick security patch. Stay tuned.