A gripe about Bowl names

I put this in football because it’s indirectly about the product on the field.

What’s with all the corporate named bowls. I’ll use one that I copied and pasted in another thread, the “Duke May Bowl.”

I realize that it’s essentially ALL corporate sponsorship, no big deal IMO. What’d I’d prefer is xxxx Bowl presented by yyyyyy company. It allows the world to know a bit about the Bowl itself, and get the corporate name in, at the same time.

Ok, off my soap box.

I guess when your bowl is irrelevant, the teams playing in it are not going to be a draw, and you really, really need the money, naming the bowl for the sponsorship is an act of survival…though it perceives as whoreing out to the max.

I can remember when there were just a handful of bowl games this time of year.

I blame Oprah.

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I remember when there weren’t many bowls, and they were extremely special events for the teams.

There’re what, 130 or so FBS teams. 86 are in bowls this year. How about we cut the number of bowls available to 20 or 21, making bowls special again.

Anyway, like I said it’s a gripe. It has a pretty easy fix, IMO.

Using the Duke Mayo Bowl example: how many people, aside from the fans of South and North Carolina, will actually watch that game? I won’t. It’s completely irrelevent to me.

I love the name of the Rose Bowl.