A great story I heard over the weekend

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The article is light on details, but this guy took some shots at an FBI agent and then fled into the desert with basically nothing in the four corners area. He was jumping across borders and so it was apparently quite complex and quite dangerous, involving multiple agencies.

After four days of bad tips and of him surviving with basically nothing he finally comes out and is walking along the road all torn up, when what I was told was a “5’ nuthin 80 pound” Bureau of Indian Affairs agent drives past him. She stops to see if he is okay and he gives her a bogus name. She says, “You look like you are in pretty rough shape, can I give you a courtesy ride somewhere.” He accepts her offer, but before he hops in the back of her car she says, “Hey, it is silly I know, but as a policy people who ride in our cars have to be cuffed. So I’ll give you this pair of cuffs and you can cuff yourself in front and then I’ll give you a ride.”

So the guy puts the cuffs on himself, hops in the car and she starts heading down the road to where he wants to go. After driving for a minute she pulls a U-turn in the opposite direction. The guy says, “Hey, I want to go [whatever direction]…” She says, “You idiot, I know exactly who you are, I’m taking you in.” I guess he freaked out and was kicking the door and everything.

So the statement that he was taken into custody ‘without incident’ is the understatement of the year and the result of some quick thinking by a person not equipped to take in a guy who had eluded a whole bunch of people looking for him. I love stories like that.

I’ve been given a courtesy ride a few times by officers (not involving legal problems) and was not required to wear cuffs. Surprised he fell for that. But after 4 days stumbling around in the desert, perhaps he may have been ready to be captured, and given some shelter and perhaps food and water.