A good (independent) mechanic?

I’m looking for a good, independent mechanic and wonder if anyone on the board has a strong recommendation. I have a 2000 Isuzu Trooper, which was my daily driver for may years, but has been used for mostly summer off-road use in the last decade. It had been garage kept, well maintained, and is in excellent condition. It now has about 165,000 miles and at this age and mileage is starting to require a bit more work.

These cars have not been imported since 2002, and although you can still get most parts readily, I’m struggling finding someone reliable and knowledgeable to work on the thing. For many years, I was taking it to an independent mechanic who had worked for the Beus Isuzu dealership, but he retired.

Anyone know of a good independent mechanic, who specializes in Japanese cars?


I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Mike Palmer downtown on 9th. The work gets done, and fast at a good price.

Thanks! I’ll give him a try; since I live near East High, the location will be very convenient as well.

Ted Nordahl in Murray. I’ve been using him for 20+ years.

Thanks for the recommendation. I had a personal friend recommend him as well - nice to get a 2nd (good) opinion.

Someone recommend “Jerry Lambert” on 33rd south, anyone here had any experience with this shop?