A CFP analysis from LaLa Land

(A town I love, BTW.)

All we can do is win. The rest is in the hands of fate.




Good fortune also for the Utes that UGA’s best WR is out for the Championship game due to ankle injury/surgery and one of their better freshman WR is out for the first half for a scuffle at the end of the Tech game. Fromm has limited options against a pretty bad LSU defense. If LSU can get a 14 point lead early it will be an easy win. If UGA can keep it ugly and slow Joe Burrow down and cause a few punts it may be a long day for LSU.

I don’t see UGA winning though. This is Utah’s CFP appearance to lose.


Reminds me why I canceled the LA Slimes many years ago.

I did the same when I realized that the only useful thing to me about the Times was the plastic bag it came in, which I took with me to clean up after my dog when walking her.

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Seems like the B12 isn’t getting a lot of respect. Good.

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I get the LA Times subscription but via email. I love the paper and have friends who write for it. Granted they are feature writers and columnists.


Agree, it’s a great paper.

I do enjoy the sports section but I can get that online. The rest of it is just not my cup of tea.

I love the Food Section and they recently launched a Youtube show which is fantastic: