38 point win tonight. What’s it mean?

Not a whole helluva lot. Idaho isn’t very good. That said, we saw a lot of minutes from guy’s who haven’t played much so far, especially Martinez. The guys a real athlete. His lob dunk he really got up there. My hunch is he’s still adjusting to speed and increased skills of the competition, but I’d give him time. Thioune got valuable minutes, too. We need him to buy us 5 or 6 at a time to spell or cover for Carlson. Finally saw Wenzel for a while. Nothing to write home about, but I’m just curious to see what he can do. Still don’t really know.

What’s keeping Martinez from playing more?

Based on what I saw, he’s not mentally ready. Tentative. Mental mistakes.

He needed several preseason games against lower level teams to get his feet under him, he was not afforded that luxury. He got tons of time tonight, and he was one of our best players TBH. He showed huge potential on both ends of the floor. Offensively he is still a bit tentative, and he gets overlooked by the better players frequently on offense.

He played a lot tonight because he earned it. He’ll play more going forward. His effort on defense has been stellar. He had a huge alley oop where he essentially tea bagged the rim protector, and he had a MONSTER block as well (plus two other great blocks). He is going to be an all time great if he sticks around at Utah.


I didn’t get to see the game (thanks DirecTV and PAC12 Network).

What happened with Jantunen?

Don’t know. They probably said but the game was so lopsided I was distracted a lot.

BYU broke his nose on the missed flagrant 1.


Correction. It was a Basketball play :joy::open_mouth:

I liked that Lahat had 9 rebounds.