3 ASU football coaches suspended

The Forks are now down their tight ends coach, wide receivers coach and defensive backs coach, all put on administrative leave pending the NCAA recruiting violation investigation. Yes Herm, that is the type of program you run. No doubt about it.

I don’t want to get too excited, as I will be stunned if anything dramatic or long lasting happens to the program, but this is at least an indication that someone is feeling a little heat, somewhere.

This could not happen to a nicer program :frowning:


I have no doubt that what you say is true, but do you have a link for an article or anything to go with this?

Title refers to 2 new coaches added to 1 previous suspended coach:

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Do they have a revolving door at AD, too?

The Cheater Graham circus with other teams bringing those hideous screens to block out the spies in the booth.

Herm Edwards was supposed to restore integrity & respectability. The latest news screams out “complete lack of institutional control”. That’s either Herm or the AD, or both. The coaches who transferred from USC and Oregon had to know they were crossing the line.

RES is gonna be loud when those cheaters show up.