2023 Free Agency

This from the guy that had an impressive array of street agents working on his behalf bringing in talent.


Yeah. It’s funny how those guys feel like victims when other schools do the same thing they’ve been doing for years. Lute Olson paid a lot of players but got offended when USC was doing the same thing.


I’m getting more than a little concerned. I hope Smith has some players (as opposed to mere bodies) on the line.


I have the same concerns. I’ve been vocal about my thoughts that Smith hasn’t shown he can get good recruits and I get dumped on for sharing my thoughts. I think my concerns are valid. Losing Pelle to UA was a huge loss along those lines. There is no buzz in the recruiting world for great, or even good talent interesting in coming to Utah. If there isn’t a big upgrade in talent coming into the program for next season I doubt Smith is the change the program needs.


One more transfer has been contacted by the Utes according to Twitter:

Mike Meadows, a 6’2" G from U of Portland. He started at Eastern Washington.


Walkon Ute F Hunter Mecum has put his name in the portal.

Three more portal names:

Kuany Kuany, a 6’9" PF from Cal. He played well vs the Utes last year. From South Sudan.

Jamison Battle, a 6’7" PF from Minnesota. Started every game and played 35 mpg. Played 2 years at George Washington prior to Minnesota.

Taran Armstrong, a 6’6" Australian CG from Cal Baptist. Started every game. 30 mpg, 11 ppg, 5 rpg, 5 apg. Not a shooter. Has several big name suitors.


Evric Gray brought up a good point on Riley’s show today. None of the teams in the Sweet 16 this season were “built” via the portal. Many really don’t have a lot of “One and Done” players, either. They all recruited well, developed those players, and found 1-2 players in the portal that fit their system.

I hope this is what Coach Smith is trying to do, otherwise we will be watching a lot of “hit and miss” basketball.


FWIW – San Diego State has 2 starters from the portal (Cal & Seattle U); and, two of its top bench players are also from the portal.

I agree, some type of foundation needs to be in place.

Not that we care, but this is why it is not working out for the Pope and BYU. His philosophy is to hit the portal hard every year, nearly a whole new team each year.

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I agree. I hope Smith is able to build it with HS recruits but I’m afraid the portal may be the answer, for next season anyway.
Pope at byu went all-in for the portal which doesn’t seem to be working. They were below .500 in the WCC this year.

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Bostyn Holt to the portal. Seems like a good kid. Best of luck to him. That opens up a 4th scholarship.

Two more portal names that have been connected to the Utes:

Roddie Anderson, a 6’2" G from UC San Diego. Named freshman of the year in the Big West this year.

Payton Sparks, a 6’9" Soph PF/C from Ball State. Started every game since he set foot on campus.

It’s nice to see the Utes casting a wide net, but I won’t get too excited about any of these guys until I see a visit get scheduled.

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