2023-24 College Football Playoffs

Draftkings has put out odds to make the CFP. Pretty much as expected:

Team Odds Percentage
Georgia -250 71%
Ohio St. -125 56%
Michigan +105 49%
Alabama +135 43%
USC +260 28%
FSU +280 26%
LSU +280 26%
Penn St. +280 26%
Clemson +320 24%
Texas +320 24%
ND +450 18%
Oregon +500 17%
UW +600 14%
OU +650 13%
Tenn +700 13%
Utah +900 10%
TAMU +1400 7%
UNC +2200 4%
Tulane +3000 3%

I should go read a wiki or something so those numbers make sense to me.

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Fixed it. I don’t really bet, but know (-) is favorites and higher the +, the lower the odds. But I converted it to probability (%) which is easier to understand. Remember, there are 4 teams, so higher odds of being one of 4 than just the champion.

They say we have a 10% chance of getting the playoff. Probably can’t be worse than a 1-loss PAC12 champion to get in. USC, UW, OU have higher odds (if you add them, 55%; with us, that’s 65% - note: that’s not good math, but you get the idea that PAC12 has a 1/3 chance of being left out).

To read the odds, if you put down $100 on Utah and we made it to CFP, you’d get $900. For Georgia, you’d put down $250 and get $350 (a $100 gain), I think.

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I think you are correct. I am a degenerate gambler, but I don’t ever bet on sports, but I believe that is how it works.

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So you’re saying there is a chance…:wink:


Unpopular opinion on here. Solid bets to throw a few bones on UW and Penn State. Not that they are guaranteed but they bring back solid rosters to be getting those odds.I weirdly think only one maybe two of those top 4 are making the playoff this season (and no I don’t think Alabama is a playoff squad).

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As fluid as things are, betting a three-peat on Georgia - also having them as a favorite kind of feels like a fool’s bet. The open format (though still rolling with 8 regular season conference games) that kicks in next season could trigger a logjam for the CCG that would make the Utah gauntlet of last season look like basic math.

Losing the key players to graduation / NFL Draft opens the door for other SEC schools to step in and get their shot, too. This is why for 2023, I wouldn’t consider the Dawgs a favorite.

tOSU hasn’t gotten past Bitchagain for the last two seasons. The Wolverines have the best shot to make the CFP out of the BIG 10, but history tells us they are going to be hella banged up when they get there.

It’s hard to tell if Bama fixed what tripped them up last season. If they did, they are definitely worth considering.

U$C didn’t have a defense last season, and likely won’t have one again this season. Based on that, they might not even get to a CCG, let alone the CFP.

To Utah - did Whitt get a roster that is plug and play enough to get a three-peat and a better W-L record? If he did, @NewbombTurk will likely throw a Dom Party at Spearmint Rhino. :wink::joy::wink:


They did, Bill went back to the Patriots to be OC. lol. That man did so little with so much.

The easy bet is I will be at the Rose Bowl again this year. Already have my tickets.

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