2022 College Football odds

I think it is cool that Utah is even in the discussion of making the playoffs at 40-1 odds. Then I see USC at 20-1 odds and wonder what the casinos know that I don’t know.

Anyway, while my long history as a Utes fan makes me nervous when I see all these great forecasts, here’s hoping that for once the prognosticators are right and I’m wrong!

I think Utah wins at UF and runs the table to the playoffs.

Ohio State, Utah, Alabama and Clemson would be my initial gut reaction for the playoff.

ESPN likes Utah to win the PAC-12 again but doesn’t see us in the playoffs:

7. Utah Utes

2021 record: 10-4 (8-1 Pac-12)
Starters expected to return: 7 offense, 6 defense, 2 special teams
Key starters expected to leave: LB Devin Lloyd, LB Nephi Sewell, DE Mika Tafua, WR Britain Covey, RB TJ Pledger, C Nick Ford, OT Bamidele Olaseni, S Vonte Davis
Key additions: LB Mohamoud Diabate, QB Nathan Johnson, ATH Justius Lowe, LB Lander Barton, S Elijah Davis, LB Justin Medlock, WR Landon Morris, TE Logan Kendall

Outlook: The Utes’ inspiring season ended with a disappointing 48-45 loss to Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. Still, Kyle Whittingham and his team did amazing work following the tragic deaths of two players. The Utes should again be favored to win the Pac-12, even with star players such as Lloyd, Sewell and Covey departing for the NFL. Last week, the Utes added transfer Diabate, who was Florida’s second-leading tackler last season. Quarterback Cameron Rising will enter the offseason as the undisputed starter. The Utes open the 2022 season at Florida and also play San Diego State in a nonconference game.

I don’t expect we go undefeated - no one did, even the elite teams. Alabama lost to TAMU, UGA to Alabama, Cincinnati finally fell in the playoffs, Michigan to Mich St. then UGA, etc.

We can likely win the Pac-12 with one or two wins. I think we can weather 1 loss (depends on who though) and make the playoff, but really for anyone outside the SEC, Ohio St., and maybe Clemson/OU, teams think they control their own destiny but it really comes down to some outside factors.

I hope the goal is to win the conference, get back to the Rose bowl, and if conditions are right, CFP would be icing. Pac-12 has not been represented in a while and even when we have been, not done that well.

There are still some new pieces to work into the system in spring and fall, but definitely have most of the pieces in place. I’d say we need to see how these areas pan out:

  • OL: replacing Ford and Bam will be key, but I think we have some talent and experience, so we’ll see how fast they can gel. With our style, 12, and 13 packages, it all starts with the OL
  • Secondary: who can step up and also create depth.
  • RB: we are talented and deep but would love to see how TT develops in pass block and also receptions to round out his game. Hopefully we can highlight the depth and keep the corp healthy and fresh
  • Special Teams: I don’t know if we need better scheme or coaching, but we just need ST to hold par. No blocked punts (line and scheme) and a punter that can net 35-40. Is that too much to ask? Nice to have a playmaker returning kicks, but I’m fine with someone that just catches the ball, knows when to fair catch, and gets a couple good returns when needed (any word who we might go with - CPIII?)
  • Injuries: Our depth has improved tremendously in most areas so it’s next man up, but as always, sometimes it’s just luck. Hopefully we can keep key personnel healthy (esp. Rising) and the injuries that happen are spread out instead of focused on one group.

I hope that we return to a dominant DL. LB will be good but lots of tackles to replace. I love our identity with 12 and 13 packages. We know Rising will get it done. Hoping Johnson is ready if he has to step in due to an injury (hoping if that happens, it’s some 1-2 game ankle type thing). At least we know Bryson Barnes can come in for at least a drive or two :wink: . Our TEs will be beasts and although we lost Fotheringham, we are adding depth there and with Kuithe and Kincaid back, our WR hopefully buy into doing their job, blocking, and getting an occasional catch in a post to stretch the field or slant to pickup a quick 1st down.

It can be done. I don’t know how much TJAL/22% will carry over (some definitely should), but this team should be focused and intentional. Yet young (again?). Lloyd, Covey, Tafua leadership hopefully is replaced with some help of new captains plus continuity of Rising.

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meh. I don’t see it saying you won’t be in the playoffs. Seventh is def a playoff contender. No way the SEC is getting A&M, Bama and UGA in and no way OSU and Michigan are in at the same time. I honestly don’t think we will see two from the same conference again this year. More so after the vote to not expand. I think you go with just one loss and a title you are in and more so if you beat UF.

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I hope that we beat 'em good early in the Swamp then Napier turns that team into a 9-3 type to help the record. Won’t be easy - the team has a lot of talent and it’s an east coast road game to start the season. But does legitimize the schedule. We need other Pac-12 teams to at least stay .500 on non-conference (geez).


They know there are a lot of dumb USC fans that like to gamble.


That would really be a down year for the conference. :wink:


Is it me or is @ Oregon and Florida the toughest games on the schedule. The rest of the tough outs are at home. The schedule and te lineup nice. Too bad you can’t get Oregon in earlier with the new coach.

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Just for fun, taking last year’s AP rankings, these positions could have us end up 6 (Ohio St.), 1 (Georgia), 1, NR/26 (TAMU), NR (Iowa St.), 4 (Cinci), NR (UNC), NR (UF). So we could be Nat’l Champs to not ranked. lol

Am I the only one that doesn’t like this sort of attention? It makes me nervous. I worry about fan expectations. I worry about players taking it for granted. I worry about injuries. Unlike some programs that have depth coming out their ears, we’re often a few injuries away from tanking our whole season.

I would must rather be the team that was underranked entering the season than the team that was overranked.


I think either way, coming off the Rose Bowl, if we beat UF, our ranking would pop us into around here anyway (even if we started lower).

I would be more worried if Whittingham didn’t have a strong culture. We do play better as underdogs, but we started to learn how to win as favorites. I don’t think we’ve done enough for the players to feel like anything is owed them. I hope the student leadership rises up and they learn to play with swagger and do their thing. I think they started to do that once they received the ball to start games.

I actually think losing the Rose Bowl but being right in it will keep the hunger. Crushing Oregon twice probably started to feel too easy so hopefully this resets.

But, yes, we are always (as is every team) subject to injuries. We have definite depth into our 2s and in some places our 3s. So as long as they are spread out and not key people (I would say Rising is one of the few that would see quite a dropoff to the next person). But if healthy, I think these projections are fair.

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I certainly hope for that, and maybe it is the “us against the world” attitude that I inherited from my pioneer ancestors but I will only believe it when I see it.

History, on the other hand, leads me to believe that we will make it through pre-season unscathed, we will get our hopes up, then we will lose some random game in league play and drop from the top 5 to the low 20s and be left a crappy bowl game. I hope not, but… sigh

So you’re saying a few days before Halloween in Pullman, Washington it all goes to hell.

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Yep. You got it. And then we’ll struggle against de Laura at home the next week because the confidence is shot but pull out a win, re-coup in a low scoring game against Stanford, then bite our nails @ Oregon. But then we’ll be 10-1 and go to CU and fumble 5 times in the snow but still win the South.

That’s the collective trauma of high hopes we’re used to. Getting some depth sure has helped November come a long way from No-win-ber.


Never tell me the odds!!!



This. This is why I come here. I in a way love this about your Fanbase. Just always waiting for the other shoe to drop.


With rare exception, in a 12 game schedule we always seem to fins one game where we are predicted to win, and we go out and sh!+ the bed.

I’m just thrilled our offense evolved from tackle dive left, tackle dive right, pass, punt.


20-1 odds seem ridiculous to me too even with Caleb Williams, but at least it’s positive buzz.