2021 Utah Football Recruiting

Look at the “tough loss” per Pac-12 program. You will see a commonality, same two Pac-12 programs. I sure want to see Utah be the most mentioned in that position in a few years.

Did Utah ever look at Dart from Corner Canyon or did we shut down QB recruiting once we got the commitment from the QB out of California?
Dart’s offers went from byu to a lot of P5 schools in just a few weeks time.

I believe you answered your own question in the first sentence.

Didn’t we pass of Zach Wilson because we offered Jack Tuttle? That didn’t work out well for us. When you have a fantastic talent, who is also a legacy kid, just a few miles down the road, then you offer that kid. If one of the freshman QB’s doesn’t want the competition, and decides to bail – so be it.

honestly, didn’t we sort of dodge a bullet with Wilson?

No doubt Wilson is good, but I doubt he would have been better than Huntley in College and Wilson’s mom seems like a headache that I would have hated in the our fan base.

I do agree that if you have a local player vs. an out of stater its always preferable to go with the in state kid


Wilson wanted to be a Ute, Dart wanted to be a Ute. The decision is above my pay grade, nor do I have insights into why Utah has not offered Dart. But to your point, I get it. If Utah had offered Wilson, Wilson would still be at Utah.

That said, I’m going to assume the Andy Ludwig has made a decision based on what he thinks. Maybe recruiting two 4* QBs is a good move, maybe its not. Maybe Ludwig was looking for other things and sees it in Costello.

This question I have posed to others. They believe AL has looked at both kids and elected to go with Costello. I will say that Costello is all-in Utah. And the proof of that actually is in his recruitment of other prospective kids to Utah, the most recent is WR Makai Cope.


Sounds like Jack Tuttle Part Deux.

That’s the spirit!

And Dart will win the Heisman.

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Not that they are always correct, but the recruiting services put Tuttle well ahead of Wilson and Costello ahead of Dart. If you can only give one scholarship to a QB per year, you’re going to go with who looks better.
Wilson would have never started ahead of Huntley and until this year Wilson didn’t look great.
Tuttle will never take the starting job from Penix. Maybe Dart will end up being better than Costello in college but right now I trust the coaches evaluation.


Isn’t Tuttle the starter now? Or is it just cuz Penix is injured and they have a policy of “you don’t lose your starting job due to injury” or something?

Penix is out for the year with an ACL. Penix has looked a lot better than Tuttle when he’s healthy.

Me too.

Penix seems to suit their offensive style a bit better, but Tuttle has been good.

To me, the biggest recruiting problem has been the inability to get top OT’s. The state seems to produce one every year or two, but they always head out of state. The Utes always seem to have guys playing OT who would make better guards.

The only Ute OT who has had any success in the NFL lately has been Bolles, and he was a JUCO. All the other Ute OT’s move to OG when they get to the NFL.

Don’t forget Sam Tevi.

I enjoy watching the program’s success in recruiting but I have never been able to get very worked up about the decisions 17 year-olds make about where to play football or basketball. Unless, of course, BYU steals one from us that we think is good, which is always OUTRAGEOUS!

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FYI, 247Sports is showing Jaxson Dart going to USC.

I noticed the flurry of crystal ball predictions as well. I love that they have changed it so that you have to put in a confidence meter as well. Gotta love the one guy that still has his prediction as BYU with a 9/10 confidence.

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Except Dart is good unlike Wilson.

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