2021 Football Schedule

Obviously conferences are hoping for a ‘normal’ 2021 fall season. SEC and ACC have put out schedules. Any thoughts on when PAC12 will? Larry still in until June, but maybe we have to wait for BIG10 to approve :wink: BTW, I like the logo schedules.

You’re joke may as well be true. The Power 3.5, us and the BIG XII. With the Big XII also having the other .5.

Damn I miss the days when the PAC was equal to the rest of the P5, better in some cases.

Every year when the SEC schedule is released, I feel bad for Arkansas. Next season – Texas, TAMU, Georgia, Ole MIss, Auburn, LSU, Alabama.

SEC still needs to add a 10th conference game and dump the Non-Power 5 and FCS crap. That said, every single team does have a Power 5 opponent. Baby steps I guess.

Look, I hate SEC football as much as the next guy – but it has nothing to prove to nobody.

Disagree. We really proved this year dropping cupcake week for one more Conference game not only makes sense for SOS it also is better for fans in stands.

I wish the SEC and P12 or B12 would sign a “challenge” event where home and homes are done. I’d love to see Alabama go west and Utah play someone like Georgia or Auburn in August or September in the Deep South.


I’d love to see this too but only with PAC 12 vs B1G.

I would like to see a P2 split from the P5, so there’s P2 and P3.

You mean 9th? 8 SEC games, 1 P5, 1 powderpuff FCS, then 2 others (usually G5).

I would enjoy the conferences dropping 1 scheduled conference game, add another bye week, and have the last week be championship week (1 v 1, 2 v 2, …). That can help stack rank for bowl positioning. The weekend would be awesome, but they likely won’t go for it - wouldn’t want to distract from the championship games.

Will always remember Michigan’s visit to Utah a few years ago. Unlikely to remember recent visits by Big Sky teams, North Dakota St., San Jose St., Northern Illinois, etc.

Eager for Florida’s upcoming visit (dearly hope COVID doesn’t derail those plans.)


It’s just dumb that college football is still scheduling like a 6 year old calling up friends to see if they can play. It would be very easy to create a scheduling system. It would also be more fun, more competitive, more lucrative, and would take 80% of the athletic director’s headaches away.

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Yeah. I don’t know why I said 10th.

I’ve never understood any fan base that defends bad scheduling. It screws season ticket holders. I’d much rather see Alabama play Missouri instead of Mercer. I am not even that big of a fan of playing G5 or Independent schools. Scheduling Provo City College is boring. Add another P5 game (even if it is a bottom feeder where you do a home and home). The fans deserve more with these ticket prices. So do the players.

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I am in favor of a college football playoff that gives an automatic berth to every P5 champion. Until that happens, however, the only way for the PAC 12 to become relevant again is to have teams get to the CFP. I am in favor of the scheduling model that gives us the best opportunity for that to happen.

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Anyone know about what timeframe Utah’s schedule comes out?

Trying to plan a vacation around home games next November.

Love you to see the P5 split off drop the G5 and byu and play interconfrence P5S games

How long before ADs and Presidents realize it makes no sense to play less than 11 conference games. The non-conference games are boring, players can still get injured playing in them, and most importantly, lower tv ratings, less money generated.

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Lower level team for 1st game to work out kinks (kind of like pre-season) is useful to work out kinks in live action. 1 cross-P5 game is fun and interesting and a good comparison of conference strength.

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You know what’s an even better way to work out kinks? Scrimmages. There’s no good reason to waste one or two valuable weeks of the cfb season on P5 vs G5 or FCS teams.

That’s why Alabama is playing University of Miami.

PAC12 tomorrow 9MT

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