2020 NCAA basketball thread

How crazy is it to have #1 vs #2 and #3 vs #4 play on opening week?

Utah St looks to have a top 20 program this year and Memphis has the top recruiting class in America with Wiseman and Precious.

Oregon picked up two 5 star recruits (Dante and Walker)

Will Nick Mannion live up to the hype at UofPay?

Does USC or Washington take it to the next level with their two 5* kids coming in?

5/13 top recruiting classes are out west, does a team outside of Gonzaga teach the final 4?

Will Utah and their extremely young team reach .500 for the season?

It all starts Tuesday!

Unless a few of our freshmen have spectacular seasons (and our sophomores continue their growth), going to likely be a rough rebuilding year. But Utah State’s early high ranking has me mildly interested.

It’ll be an interesting opener for Utah tonight against Nevada. The Wolfpack had a really good team last season but they lost just about everybody, including their coach.

It’d be a big confidence builder if the Baby Utes keep it close or pull off an upset.

Potential is only potential but Krysko does have a bunch of winners and kids that buy in, but they are so young and skinny, for the most part. K doesn’t put up with dissent so if these kids listen, they can win some stunners this season. Krysko is well-respected for a reason and past players say he knows the game but his style of team-building only works if everyone knows he calls ALL the shots.

These youngsters will probably be listeners unless things start going really bad (a few 20-point losses) and then there might be mutiny and some guys like Allen will try and do a little too much.

The game is on CBS SPORTS NETWORK at 8:30 pm MST. We’ll see if they can keep us fans awake and interested.

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So far the Pac12 is 10-1 this season as the favorite. Only ASU losing to Colorado being the loss. Not a conference game mind you.

The Pac12 is 4-0 this season as the underdog. (Utah, Cal, Colorado and Washington)

Another decent night last night. 5-2 with no horrific losses. Oregon beat a ranked Memphis team on a ‘neutral court’ (in Portland). In the same double header, Oregon State lost to Oklahoma. Wazzou lost to Santa Clara with the rest of our league who played winning. (Mount St. Mary’s gave Washington a tough game but Huskies prevailed in Seattle. Cal beat UNLV in OT in Berkeley too.

These opening weeks are where our conference earns its ratings (they call it something other than RPI now) by beating outside teams.

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I wasn’t that impressed with Memphis given all the hype, but Oregon looked really good. And I suppose it was a decently close game, so maybe I shouldn’t poo-poo Memphis that much. I just feel like they will look the same in 2 months as they look now, whereas Oregon looked very much like a team that, once they hit their stride, is going to blow a lot of folks out. I’d look for them, barring injuries, to make a deep run again this year.