2015 Utah vs. Oregon - Boobie Hobbs Touchdown

I just realized in this favorite play from 2015 that Boobie Hobbs ran from near the LOS back to catch the ball and then all the way back for a TD… he ran 120 yards to get that by my count.

I hope we have a similar showing Saturday.

BTW, the video’s on the front page were great viewing. Watched the Commissioner press conference, the no-commercial Sugar Bowl game and the highlights of the 2003 Oregon game on the feed.

Great work.


I’ve always gotten a kick out of # 13 shoving Covey when he realized what Covey had done to him.


Wow look how young Covey looked six years ago…when he was a…sophomore I guess (now a junior)


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A great moment, never to be forgotten.

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That was his freshman year.

I was there. I remember following the flight of the ball, and wondering where everyone was when Hobbs caught it.


I feel the 2003 Oregon game is often forgotten. Nice interview with Rick in there too.

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The 2015 game also had Booker throw a TD pass to Covey. Watch Kenneth Scott recognize the broken coverage and signal TD before the ball is thrown. Great stuff.


Yes…life with a return man who scares the ■■■■ out the opponents so badly they focus on him and not the ball. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

This game was the night of my little sister’s wedding. The place they booked had another room with a pool table, a projector and as the party continued, us ute fans watched in delight (including that sister). We had the place until midnight, so everyone left while we closed the place down. Best reception ever.