1996 #7 Utah vs #2 Wake Forest (Van Horn & Duncan) full game on YouTube

Edit: Thanks to LuckyUte for linking the YT video below. I tried to include the link but I got a “links are not allowed” error for some reason.

Found this on YouTube and ended up watching the entire game - major hit of nostalgia. Props to the uploader, it was from their own VHS recording.

I grew up during the Majerus era (was in high school during the peak 96-98 years) and was at this game. I remember waiting in the long lines at the Huntsman Center to get tickets for big games and how exciting it was to get the paper tickets in your hands. It’s sad how far the hoops program/support has fallen and I’ve been hoping for a return to prominence for so long, but I think the reality could be that this won’t ever happen. Majerus was a truly special coach, possibly even one of the greatest basketball minds ever. Just look at the '98 roster - how many other coaches could have made that roster a legitimate championship-level team? Maybe none? The only comparable talent:success ratio I can think of since then are the Brad Stevens Butler teams.

I was at that game also. It was the first year of buying my own season tickets (although I had been a Ute fan and regular game attendee for decades (I started attending games in about '63 with my father and grandfather). 2022, is the first first year since that I have not renewed my tickets.

I purchased season tickets that year, as I had a 1 year old son, who had watched many Jazz games on my lap the year before, holding his hands over both ears, as he could not stand the volume in the Jazz arena. My wife and I thought the Ute games would not be so loud and were both eager to keep watching basketball games (we both independently went to Utah basketball games with our parents and grandparents in the late 60s and 70s) and wanted to start a tradition with our 1 year old.

I took a buddy to the Wake Forest game that evening (as I recall it was a late game, and my wife did not want to be out that late).

I’ll rewatch the game tomorrow and remember the GREAT years Utah basketball had with Majerus, Pimm, and Gardner (I’m not old enough to remember before Gardner, and there were damned few great years after Majerus).

My son, now in his late 20’s is moving back to Utah from Oregon where he’s been since college. I hope for my sake, Utah basketball reestablishes itself sometime soon, so that I’ll he able to spend evenings with my son and his first son or daughter (whenever he has either) at Utah basketball games. It would be nice to keep a Utah basketball tradition alive long enough to reach a fifth generation in my family.


Here is the link for those that want it.

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I just remember Van Horn making like 3-4 deep 3’s then going into the locker room to throw up. Thought we might win that game had he been healthy.