#17 in the AP. Does anyone else resent Boise being a spot ahead of us?

No? Just me?

I know we are in greener pastures, but I would really like another shot at those guys.

I’m one of the rare Utah fans who likes Boise. I think they deserve their ranking based on beating FSU on the road. That’s better than our best win (WSU at home). We’ll have our chances to pass them.

If we ever do get another shot at them, it will likely come in the Vegas bowl in a down year for us and a good year for them.

I really don’t understand the ranking system (and I do believe we are subject to bias…) However, I also feel that we have underperformed at times, over the years when we needed it the most.
Increasing our overall recruitment and depth over time, along with consistent play, will earn appropriate accolades.
I mean, we were ranked 6th recently by some without validity. We need to keep playing like last night.

No, it doesn’t bother me. Boise State doing well helps all teams out west. And we will have our chance to pass them in the rankings. Just win.

I don’t resent them being ranked higher, but I don’t like them and their awful blue field makes me nauseous.

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Agree on the smurf turf … but honestly, I haven’t followed them in years. Rate them slightly ahead of Wyoming, UNLV, and the other WAC/MWC teams in my level of interest in their results. Unless they’re playing a Pac-12 team, I wouldn’t even know they played Saturday (or Thursday, or Friday, etc)

Not to shoehorn this into a BYU discussion, but I honestly think if BYU is ever to get back to national prominence they need to follow the Boise St model. Basically, they are going to need to find an unknown quantity at HC (kind of like Lavell Edwards was) and that HC’s speciality will be finding and recruiting diamonds in the rough. He’ll need to be a coach who can out execute other teams. If they succeed and with time they’ll be able to recruit bigger names and players.

Right now though, they are not on that that. As much as I dislike a lot of Boise St fans, I’ve got to admit that they have achieved a great deal and it is proof that you can succeed as a program just about anywhere.

There was discussion on Cougarboard yesterday that was right alone these lines.

Aren’t they considered “tater zoobs”?

Their fans have been abysmal over the years. Doesn’t help that we can’t beat them.

I think we could beat them without Chris Peterson. We seem to struggle against that guy.


After next year BSU won’t be able to make it to the Las Vegas Bowl, since it is going to be PAC-12 vs Big 12 (iirc?).

True. Is there another bowl that could match up the two conferences?

Vegas will be PAC 12 vs either Big Ten or SEC


No, I resent that we lost to USC.


It looks like the Cheez-It Bowl can take an MWC team if it cant fill the Big 12 slot.

Here’s a timely reply (sorry, I just saw this):

Starting next year, the new Los Angeles Bowl will replace the current Vegas Bowl. Basically the first pick from the Mountain West against a mid-PAC12 team (fifth to seventh) to be played at the new stadium down there.

I do.

I think about Boise St twice a year; when they play BYU, and I cheer for Boise St., and when they play Utah State, and I cheer for Utah State.

I attended the 2010 Las Vegas bowl in which Boise State, beat Utah in one of the most miserable games and deplorable weather conditions I’ve ever suffer through. I will never go again to the Las Vegas bowl, and will never again, watch a Boise State game.

Utah would CRUSH THEM now. I don’t need to look back. I look forward to another crack at their former coach later this year :slight_smile: