12 People in St George Arrested in Child Exploitation Sting - Yeesh


Seriously terrible… glad they’ve thinned those ranks a bit - but consider this… this was a short time the ad ran - it had ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE INQUIRIES… in St George Utah. A population of about 100k (plus some surrounding communities). Imagine what is going on in little old SLC, makes me sick to my stomach to think about.

Side note: That Dixie St Police Chief once left me behind on a bike relay in the middle of the night with two flats in the worst rain storm I’ve ever seen in my life. He CLAIMS he didn’t hear me yelling for him… I forgive him… and seriously commend him for nailing these sleazeballs.

Is this part of the same operation that found 39 or so kids in Georgia?

If so, that’s a huge operation. If not, another group of sickos?!?!?

Another group apparently.

Ugh, those poor kids. I hope they can get some peace out of this soon. Although, that may never really happen. I’ve known a few victims, some are mostly ok, many don’t trust anyone.

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Human trafficking…showing us humanity at its worst. :cry:

What those depraved sociopaths are is the worst of the worst.

I hope as they continue to unwind this they are able to find all the lost children and get them help.

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Millstone around their neck and cast into the sea - at least that is the appropriate punishment from sources I trust.